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Marty's Story

Marty Coleman - Angel Fund Foundation - Texarkana, Texas

Marty Coleman was not your typical hairdresser. In Texarkana, Texas, she had a ministry with all the ladies who came to her beauty shop. Her ministry was to encourage and love each one individually.

When she was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in November 2004, her faithful patrons and family rose up to give her encouragement and love. Marty, a divorced mother of two, had a pre-existing condition of the cancer, and was denied coverage because she was on a new insurance plan.

Her plan was to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, visit doctors, and receive treatments, but because her insurance denied her coverage and she did not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, she could not afford the expense. M.D. Anderson offered to send recommendations for treatment to her home town clinic who agreed to treat her at a reduced cost.

Even the lower cost of the treatments proved to be too high for the self-employed beautician who could no longer work. Her friends, family, and church members rallied together to start a fund for Marty. They even held garage sales until they finally raised together the necessary funds.

Sadly, Marty's treatments came too late and were not able to stop the cancer. She passed away Sep. 2, 2005, not even a year from her diagnosis. Marty's circumstances cry out even now for her because she, like so many other cancer patients, was not able to afford first-line treatments and medications even though they have been hard working and productive members of our community.

In her memory and those like her, it is the hope of Angel Fund Foundation that those in need will receive help. Help us give cancer patients hope by joining Angel Fund Foundation.